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The Cello Connection is the ultimate resource for collectors, top professionals, soloists and educators seeking high-class instruments.

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VC75: Cello
Maker: Georges Mougenot
Date: late 19th century
Origin: Brussels
Length of Back: 757mm
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VNB74: Violin Bow
Maker: Albert Fischer
Origin: Germany
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VA70: Viola
Maker: Michael Scoggins
Date: 1988
Origin: Salt Lake City Utah
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VC71: Cello
Maker: Thanh Kim, William Harris Lee
Date: 2002
Origin: Chicago IL
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Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our site or are interested in selling or buying an instrument.

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Let Cello Connection help you find the instrument you’ve been looking for.

Our selection of string instruments and bows exemplifies elegance and quality. We believe in providing our customers with the best choices, but we also know that the search for an instrument can take a lot of time and effort. We are here to help you narrow your search and focus on important factors like sound quality and response. With our expertise and assistance, you can widen your horizons in today’s global market.

As a trusted international website, we have developed a reputation of helping our customers to feel at ease when searching for their unique instrument. You can always trust the quality of your purchase because we provide you with any details regarding previous repairs or damages.   More »

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We are instrument brokers, not dealers. You are the owner of your instrument or bow, through our website we can help you sell your item by advertising and marketing it online. We are experts in negotiating and closing sales, and we strive for the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.

Our company Anna Clift & Associates, is the best way to access the larger international market to sell your instrument or bow quickly and at a price that is competitive yet fair. Advertising on our website is free, as we are actively marketing your item on the internet we ask that you do not advertise elsewhere while you have a contract with us. Commit to displaying your item for 6 months. If your item has not sold after that time, feel free to advertise elsewhere or decide to stay with us as long as you like.

We make the process easy for you, we contact you directly once we receive an inquiry from a prospective buyer. The items we put up for sale are of great quality and high value, we are picky about condition and authenticity. We wish to sell your instrument in a timely and efficient manner. Finally, we do stress that the seller always assumes complete responsibility, both legally and ethically, for all listings and pricings. We strive for the highest level of professionalism and efficiency when doing business with you!   More » 


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