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Cellos for sale

VC75: Cello
Maker: Georges Mougenot late 19th century
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VC71: Cello
Maker: Thanh Kim, William Harris Lee 2002
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VC59: Cello
Maker: Italian, unknown sometime between 1690-1740
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VC24: Cello
Maker: Fabienne Gauchet 2004
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VC15: Cello
Maker: Scott Cao 2001
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Cellos for sale

VC24: Cello

Maker: Fabienne Gauchet

Date: 2004

Origin: Montreal, Canada



Montreal 2004

Size: Full Size Cello

Length of Back: 764.0mm


The Gauchet cello has a bold and gutsy tone that matches its larger Gofriller style. The body of the cello is large in width, especially the lower bouts. It projects easily and would be perfect for a person looking for a larger sized fine modern cello. It's deeply tinted bass makes it a pleasure to play and listen to.

The maker, Fabienne Gauchet works at Wilder & Davis in Montreal Canada. She has become very popular in the New York area recently as her instruments are increasingly in demand.

The two-piece back of this cello is made from narrow flamed maple (strong intensity). The ribs and the scroll are made from wider flamed wood. The two- piece table is of medium grained spruce. The varnish is golden in color.

 Length: 764.0 mm
Upper bout width: 357.0 mm
Center bout width: 248.0 mm
Lower bout width: 459.5 mm

 Price: $25,000

For the best quality and most accurate sound we recommend that you use high quality headphones or speakers when you listen to this recording.


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