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VN73: Violin
Maker: George Wulme-Hudson
Date: circa. 1925
Origin: London, England
Length of Back: 355mm, 14"
String Length: 326mm
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VC75: Cello
Maker: Georges Mougenot
Date: late 19th century
Origin: Brussels
Length of Back: 757mm
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VNB74: Violin Bow
Maker: Albert Fischer
Origin: Germany
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VA70: Viola
Maker: Michael Scoggins
Date: 1988
Origin: Salt Lake City Utah
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Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our site or are interested in selling or buying an instrument.

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information for sellers

Cello Connection is the best way to access the larger international market and sell your instrument or bow efficiently at a price you deserve. We are not dealers; instead we function as a virtual space available to anyone wishing to place a violin, viola, cello or bow for sale in a secure and safe setting.

While others choose to let their instruments linger in shops for many months waiting for just the right buyer to come in, we can actively market your items on our website, where they can be seen publicly by a much larger audience. We initially commit to displaying your item for 6 months, after that you may continue to advertise should you wish to continue. Please note, during the time you are advertising your instrument or bow with us you may not advertise with any other company, dealer or site. There is no charge for advertising online with us.

We strive for the highest level of professionalism and efficiency when doing business with you. It is our priority to consider the perspective of the musician at all times. One of the most important things we can do towards making your instrument as marketable as possible is to take into consideration the current set up and what could be done to improve the sound and response. We will spend time helping you make the kind of decisions that are important for showing your instrument at its best.

The process is easy. We contact you directly once we receive any inquiry from a prospective buyer. Communication and personal connections are very important, so we stay in touch with you during the period of time that your instrument is listed. We have the highest regard for the privacy of both the seller and the buyer, and the items we list are of great quality and in good condition. However, we do stress that the seller always assumes complete responsibility, legally and ethically, for all listings and pricing.

In regards to pricing, the seller pays an initial photography fee of $75 to have us professionally photograph your instrument or bow. The commission is due at the end of the sale:

  • 18% commission on sales $20,000 and above
  • 20% commission on sales below $20,000
  • Website advertising available on a monthly basis


How to begin

  1. Call or email us if you are interested in listing your instrument or bow with us. Feel free to use the Contact Us form. We will reply within 24 hours.
  2. A plan will be made which may include sending in copies of documents and appraisals, as well as a copy of your certificate from your insurance company. We may ask you for a condition report from a valid luthier in order to satisfy our requirement for full disclosure on all previous repairs and damages.
  3. Once we have notified you that we are able to list your instrument or bow, we will send you a contract by email. Read it carefully and if you agree to our terms, sign it, make a copy for yourself, and mail the original back to us.
  4. Visit our how to photograph page. This is important as we can only load photos onto our website with the specifications listed. Do not send us random photographs of your instrument or bow. If you are local we can help with this as we have our own photographer.
  5. Once we have agreed to list your instrument or bow on our site, it will be posted online. The only information available to the public will be a description and photograph of the instrument or bow. None of your private information will be shown.
  6. When we receive an inquiry from a prospective buyer about an instrument or bow, we contact the owner directly with the information and discuss plans about how to proceed. We are willing to travel in order to make a sale possible.

Once you have signed the agreement with us and sent in your photos for our website, you agree to list exclusively with our site for 6 months. You must agree not to list the instrument or bow with other dealers, shops or websites.

After the initial listing period of 6 months you may advertise your instrument or bow elsewhere. You may choose keep your post on Cello Connection with the understanding that we retain the ability to sell your instrument or bow as long as it is listed on our site. If your instrument is no longer for sale, please contact us so we can remove your listing.

The seller always assumes complete legal and ethical responsibility for all listings, pricing, authenticity, and accuracy, and relieves Anna Clift & Associates (ACA) and our website from any and all misrepresentations and legal actions that may result.


1. When was the last time that you had your instrument examined by a luthier?

Maintaining the condition of your instrument is extremely important, and we recommend taking it to an experienced luthier before listing with us. We are upfront with potential buyers by informing them of previous repairs and damages because our company believes in representing your instrument with honesty and integrity. Additionally, if you have not had your instrument or bow looked over for a while, there may be some cosmetic work or gluing that needs to be done.

2. Do you have a certificate or an appraisal?

A Certificate of Authenticity is an official document written by the maker or dealer of your instrument or bow and significantly increases the market value of your item. We strongly recommend getting one from a recognized expert if you have not already done so.

An Appraisal is common for insurance purposes and includes a written or verbal opinion by a professional relating to the authenticity and monetary replacement value of your instrument. Appraisals often include a condition report, including measurements and current replacement value. Replacement value is different than what the market value of your instrument is; for example, the market value is usually less than the replacement value. It is very important to have your instrument insured against damage, loss or theft.

3. Do you know where your instrument was made?

Providing information about the provenance, or history, of your instrument is important because it gives cultural value to the item. Documented evidence of provenance also establishes that the instrument has not been altered or that it is not a reproduction. We suggest that you seek expert opinion if you are missing documentation, because the origin of your instrument affects the pricing.

-"It was actually astonishing when Anna brokered the sale of my daughter's viola over the course of a single weekend. It had been on the market for nine years!"


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