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VN73: Violin
Maker: George Wulme-Hudson
Date: circa. 1925
Origin: London, England
Length of Back: 355mm, 14"
String Length: 326mm
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VC75: Cello
Maker: Georges Mougenot
Date: late 19th century
Origin: Brussels
Length of Back: 757mm
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VNB74: Violin Bow
Maker: Albert Fischer
Origin: Germany
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VA70: Viola
Maker: Michael Scoggins
Date: 1988
Origin: Salt Lake City Utah
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p) 507.413.3495


"I am so impressed with Anna Clift’s extensive knowledge of cellos and bows! She recently spent many hours with me trying out cello bows. She listened intently to me play countless bows and offered illuminating feedback on what she heard - and yet never tried to push me towards purchasing any particular bow. She honored my desire for how I wanted to sound. Anna has also sold me two cellos. She is a master at setting instruments up so that they will sound their very best. She is not afraid to experiment with different brands of strings, tailpieces, and bridge types. She is truly interested in finding the “essence” of an instrument’s unique sound. Anna is a person of great integrity who has a genuine desire to help string players find instruments that suit their particular playing style and price range." -Cellist Laura Sewell


"Thank you for your gracious hospitality helping us feel comfortable and welcomed, for taking us to meet your luthier, David Folland, which was a delight for the eyes as well as a great honor, and finally for presenting to me an instrument that perfectly matched your description of it and is in fact the perfect cello for me. I have to say, Anna, you helped my Margarette and me have one of the most enjoyable trips in a long, long time and maybe ever."-Rick Cleveland, amateur cellist from Murfreesboro TN


"Anna Clift has sold two fine cellos to me in the past several years and in both cases her "hunch" that I would like those particular instruments was correct! She has the rare ability to understand a musician's style of playing and what they might be looking for in an instrument, and then finding an instrument that will appeal to that particular person. Her integrity and professionalism, coupled with her deep knowledge of string playing, has been extremely valuable to me. I highly recommend Cello Connection to anyone who is in the market for a fine string instrument!"  - Laura Sewell, professional cellist, Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN

 "It was actually astonishing when Anna brokered the sale of my daughter's viola over the course of a single weekend. It had been on the market for nine years. I’ve little doubt that the unique mix of Anna's professional life and her personal interests made this possible. As a professional cellist, she has a rare understanding of the subtleties of musical possibilities, needs and language, something not every dealer is fortunate to have. As a performer and an innovative instructor, she has dealt with musicians for years and has a wide network of contacts. She also has a natural interest in the historical craft of fine instrument making, and is familiar with the works of a wide array of fine instrument makers across all spectrums of time. This is a huge asset as she assesses an instrument. She then brings seller and searcher together, efficiently and realistically!" -- Suzanna Veldhuis-Kuipers (mother of three professional musicians, two of whom are Co-founders of the Marinus Ensemble, one of whom is Principal Harpist of the Orquesta Filarmónica de Santiago in Chile)

 "I owned a fine cello bow that had lingered in various shops over the years but never sold. I heard about Anna Clift & Associates and was intrigued by their unique way of doing business. The idea of Anna actively searching for a buyer rather than having my bow just sitting around in a shop waiting for a customer to come in and try it made sense to me. She was able to find a buyer for my bow during the economic downturn we were experiencing and negotiate a price I was comfortable with. Anna has the added knowledge and experience of a professional musician.I highly recommend doing business with her." -- Anthony Ross (Principal Cellist, Minnesota Orchestra)

"I'm a Milwaukee Symphony violinist, and my wife Laurie, a violinist and school orchestra director, both recommend Anna Clift as a fine instrument broker without reservation. After we tried to sell our son’s cello using all of our connections for 7 months, we called Anna. At this time, fine instruments were selling very slowly, and Anna became a very pro-active salesperson, by identifying likely buyers and taking the cello to them.  She then listened to their concerns, in this case string height and upper register projection, and took the cello twice to luthiers for adjustments including a new bridge.  She kept at it and, in surprisingly short amount of time, sold the cello and handled the transfer of money quickly. " -- Glenn Asch (Violinist, Milwaukee Symphony)

"I am a violinist who gave Anna the challenge of finding the perfect viola for me.  She was very helpful in working with me to determine what kind of sound I was looking for and the appropriate size for my comfort in switching between the two instruments.  I am very happy with the viola and bow that I chose after looking at a variety of instruments that she chose for me to try out." -- Leslie Shank (Violinist, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra)

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