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Violins for sale

VN60: Violin
Maker: Lothar Meisel 2002
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VN43: Violin
Maker: Aegidius Kloz believed to be George Klotz c.1780
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VN40: Violin
Maker: Igino Sderci 1958
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VN36: Violin
Maker: Giovanni Cavani
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VN33: Violin
Maker: Gustav August Ficker c.1900
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VN34: Violin
Maker: German/Unknown 1800's
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VN13: Violin
Maker: Ernst Heinrich Roth 1928
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VN14: Violin
Maker: Ernst Heinrich Roth 1924
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p) 507.413.3495

Violins for sale

VN13: Violin

Maker: Ernst Heinrich Roth

Date: 1928

Origin: Markneukirchen, Germany


 Ernst Heinrich Roth (written in cursive)
  Markneukirchen 1928 

Reproduction of Antonius Stradivarius
              Cremona 1724

Stamp burnt into the back   ERNST HEINRICH ROTH
                                                   C 230

Size: Full size



This is a beautiful violin with a sophisticated lovely sound, it is easy to play and has a quick response. What I love about it is the very sexy silky low register. It literally purrs!

 I had a friend play the Sibelius concerto on this violin. It sent shivers down my spine as it has the kind of tone that captures the essence of that piece. You have to try this fiddle.

Price: $10,000


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